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Table Top Rocking Horse An easy wood working project that can be made with simple hand tools (or complicated shop machines). A cute baby gift. Christmas table decoration. Or just an addition to your horse collection.

Lucky Horse Shoe A golden horse shoe to bring you luck. Will it work. The first day we posted it, one reader said they won $1000. Coincidence? Should I sell them? They are 24 carat gold plated and are real horse shoes.

Dust Free Incense Burner An easy to make stick incense burner using two bean cans and a little tape.

Bob And Sharon A picture of Bob and Sharon, so you know who we are. Write to us.

Sliver or Splinter Removal Digging out splinters with a needle is often painful and doesn't get the splinter. Here's an easy way to get most splinters with less pain and less gouging. Plus a couple of ideas found in the archives.

Sooper Dooper Scooper A great scoop for grain, scooping up after dogs, the kids sand box or........???

Amazing Card Trick A mystifying card trick that will amaze and delight you and your audience.

A "Trunk" In A Hatch Back or Mini Van Since you don't have a trunk and all packages and other cargo are in plain view, this unique idea gives you a "secure trunk" even in these vehicles.

Eye Glasses, Contacts and Reading Glasses Tips for saving money on glasses and contacts. Buying over the counter or drug store reading glasses.

Pages of History These pages have nothing to do with being frugal. I put them here because I'm the boss. Rule 1.The boss is always right. Rule 2. If the boss is wrong, read rule 1:-) Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans picture. Old Wedding Pictures. Other old time pictures that I liked or a reader sent in. Why, JUST BECAUSE!

Out House Memories of that little house out back. A post card from 1943. If you've ever had an outhouse, you need to visit this page.

Tuxedo The Cat Meet our cat, Tuxedo. He adopted us and is now one of the ongoing topics in our frugal news letter, ROAR. Have you subscribed yet?

Lizard Catcher An ingenious way to catch lizards. If you have children, this is a must see. Easy to make from a stalk of "grass". No tools required. Catching lizards made easy.

Dumpster Diving Bear We locked a bear out of our dumpster and it frustrated him. See what he did.

Our Bridge to the ouside world. Sharon is standing on our walkway out of here. Our steam is at its lowest in this picture. 

Grass Stains and more.  Clean clothes the old fashioned way ....... sort of.  Ball point ink, grass stains and more.  Learn one of our families "tricks".

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