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Bob's Favorite Amazing Card Trick


This card trick trick will amaze and delight those who experience it. I learned it when I was about 10 years old and have remembered it all these years. You need an audience which I shall call "the mark" (from when suckers were marked for the take).

Shuffle the deck and then deal out 3 rows across and 7 cards down for a total of 21 cards in 3 columns of 7. Always, throughout this trick, deal the cards left to right with one card going into each column each time across. Ask someone to pick a card but don't tell you what it is. Then ask which row it is in. Keep the cards in order and pick up one row of 7 cards at a time, putting the column they said their card was in in the middle and each stack on top the the previous one. Pick up a column of 7, pick up their column of 7 then pick up the other column of 7.

Deal the cards out again into 3 columns, dealing left to right, left to right until you once again have 3 columns of 7 cards. Have your "mark" pick the column the card is in. Once again pick up each entire column with their column picked up second or in the middle. Again each stack on top of the last, their stack in the middle.

Again, deal the cards out into 3 columns, dealing left to right, left to right until the cards are all dealt out. Ask again which column their card is in. This time pick up the columns, theirs last, keeping it on the top. Pick up the other columns of cards and place them under the "marks" cards. The "marks" column of cards should now be on top of the others.

Now deal the cards out one at a time and face down into 4 PILES across. Deal left to right, left to right until you have dealt out the 21 cards.

Have the "mark" select the piles one at a time and as they do stack them, but use your imagination and be sure you have the fourth pile, the one on the right put on the bottom of the deck. Example: "mark" picks left pile #1, the 3rd pile then right 4th pile then 2nd pile. You would pick up #1 and place it on #3 then place those on pile #4 and and then place pile #2 on top of all of them. The way you picked them up, pile #4 is now on the bottom.

Hold the cards fairly tightly in your right hand between your forefinger and thumb and hold the stack out toward the "mark". And here is the amazing part (ok left, if your left handed--it doesn't matter) . Have your "mark" slap the cards hard. If all the cards except one are slapped out of your hand they slapped hard enough. If you have more than one card left in your hand, have them slap them again. Flip the card over and Tah Dah! It's their card.

This works every time. AMAZING!!

How it works and a little refinement.

Each time you deal the cards and have a row selected, the "marks" card moves to an exact location. The third time you deal the cards out, your "marks" card is the fourth card down in one of the piles. When the "mark" tells you which row it is in, you know exactly what card it is. At this point you could use any technique to "locate" their card. The way I have you do it makes their card #4 in the deck of 21. When you deal the last four piles of cards, the fourth card dealt is theirs, therefor, their card is now at the bottom of pile number four.

Since you knew the "marks" card was the 4th card down in the row selected, you could create any way to locate their card. Implementing something from another card trick or.......????? But our method seems truly AMAZING!

You just pick up all the piles with their selected card on the bottom. Put all the other piles on top of the last stack and now you have a stack of cards in your hand between thumb and forefinger--and the "marks" cards has been placed on the bottom by the way you dealt and selected the last dealing of cards.

When the "mark" slaps the cards held between your thumb and forefinger, the bottom card in the deck will ALWAYS be the one that remains between your fingers. This is a technique you could apply to other card tricks you know as long as the KNOWN card is on the bottom of the deck.

Do it again! A good magician only does a card trick once. Well ok! Do it all again. But this time "give up in frustration and take the cards you didn't use in the trick and put them on top of all the others and shuffle the deck a couple of times. You need to do the shuffling very carefully. Remember their card is still on the bottom. That means you need to shuffle so it remains on the bottom, and just as important, shuffle toward yourself, so they never see the bottoms of the cards and see their card on the bottom. This may take a little extra practice because shuffling this way is not the normal way and could be a little awkward. Now have them cut the deck but leave the top half on the table. They already think the trick failed and maybe you're starting over or going to show a different trick.

Once again, their card is on the bottom of the deck. Pick up the half their card is in and have them slap the deck. AMAZING, it's their card, even after all the cards were shuffled together. HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!


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