Lizard Catcher For Catching Lizards. Learn to catch lizards the easy way with our lizard catcher. A piece of "grass" a couple knots and you have an effective trap:-)

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Lizard Catcher For Catching Lizards

The picture below on the left is a weed I've always called "wild oats". It grows 3 to 4 feet tall. It is the one you can grab along the bottom (in the picture) and pull upward. All the little seeds come off on you hand and you can throw them. A lot of fun as I remember growing up. This is the what you use for the basic stock. Pick one whole stem about 3 to 4 feet long. Strip all the seeds and branches off of the stalk. You now have one long stalk that tapers down to a fine end about as thick as a thread. Maybe you don't have wild oats where you live. Any weed that is similar to what I described will do. It just has to be about 3 feet long (1 meter) and finally tapers down to about thread diameter.

Wild oats used to catch lizardsModified oats now a trap

The second picture shows the trap (shown about two times actual size). You make a loop and tie a knot so that the will slide open and closed. For more of the idea of how that loop and knot are formed, see the diagram below. Now tie a second knot in the loop. You will still be able to slide the knot and make the loop bigger and smaller. The knot is loose enough around the stem to slide back and forth.

You now have a lizard catcher. Try it out on your finger. Put your finger in the loop and then pull on the stem handle. The noose will tighten around your finger. Are you beginning to get the idea? Ok, you are ready to go out hunting lizards. When you find one sneak up slowly. Move the noose slowly in front of the lizard and then slip it over its head and around it's neck. Pull the noose light with your long handle. You have just caught your first lizard.

Since lizards frequently see moving grass, they just don't understand that the approaching noose is not just another piece of grass moving in the wind. You'll be amazed how easy it is to catch lizards using this trick.

If you try this lizard catcher and have good luck with it, e-mail me and let me know. I enjoy knowing my efforts here are helping someone out there in cyberspace.

Knot drawing for lizard catcher

Here is a drawing of how the knots are tied just in case there's any confusion. The first knot is tied around the main stalk. The second knot is tied around the loop side and on top of the first knot. You now have a double knot. the knot will slide so the loop can be opened and closed.

Exciting News From Donaven


My name is Donaven and my Grandpa is helping me to type this to you. Thank you for the lizard catcher that you had on your WEB page. My Grampa helped me to make the lizard catcher and it looked just like the one that you showed on your WEB page and it worked great because I caught a big lizard in just five minuets. My Grampa took a picture of the lizard so I could send it to you so you could see it.

This is Grampa, Donaven is 5 years old and very advanced. He was very excited about your lizard catcher and I was suppressed how well it worked, a big thanks to you.

Thanks Donaven, you are the very first let us know they tried the lizard catcher and that it worked real well. I was really ecited to get your letter and picture.

Donaven sent us this picture to prove how good this lizard catcher works:

Donaven's Lizard


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