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Safe Hatch Back & Mini Van Trunk

If you own a hatch back car or a van, everything you own is in plain site and not too secure. That's not too big a problem in some places, but in the city it makes visible items a target for a break-in. Buy a large piece of black material and use it to cover the entire rear area. With our Honda it went from the back of the front seats all the way to the hatch. In the mini van it went all the way from front to rear (we carry a lot of stuff at times for swapmeets, equipment delivery)

Our Walmart had 66 inch wide black material on sale for $1.00 a yard. In the past we have found it at yard sales--that's what gave us the idea in the first place, when we bought this big piece of black material so cheap at a garage sale. Now if you don't have a trunk to "hide" your stuff in, at least you can cover it up. Black is the best color, it sorta hides the fact that anything is in there. Also especially at night, even with lights on in a parking lot, it's almost impossible to see anything is there at all.


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