Dumpster Diving. Our bear is a dumpster diver. Talk about a bear problem! Ever have a bear in your trash?

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Dumpster Diving Bear Foiled

We had a dumpster without a lock and a bear broke in. He just lifted the plastic lids and enjoyed himself. We exchanged it for a dumpster with a locking bar. The bear tipped the dumpster on its side and pulled the dumpster lids open. The locking bar was only a minor inconvenience. The plastic lids pulled open easily. Of course he did leave some teeth marks in the plastic. We had trash strewn all over the place. It's no fun picking up garbage remnants to put back in the trash.

I had the dumpster company replace the plastic lid locking dumpster with a steel lidded locking dumpster. As you can see from the picture above, he is frustrated by the current locking system. It took two grown men to tip the dumpster back over. It's size is about 4 feet by 4 1/2 feet by 6 feet and it is very heavy.

Fish and Game checked the paw prints of the bear, they estimated this as about a 400 pound, Male, California Black Bear


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